Phineas Baxandall

Senior Analyst for Tax & Budget Policy
(617) 747-4351
Mr. Baxandall oversees policy and strategy development for tax and budget campaigns and transportation program throughout the United States.

Michael Russo

Federal Program Director
(202) 461-3823
Mike Russo oversees and coordinates our federal field and legislative program work.

Allison Cairo

Deputy Director
(312) 291-0349 x303
Allison started her work with the State PIRGs as a campus organizer in 2000. Prior to becoming Deputy Director of U.S. PIRG, Allison was the Executive Director of NJPIRG.

Ed Mierzwinski

Consumer Program Director
202-546-9707 x314
Ed Mierzwinski has been a consumer advocate in the Washington, D.C.-based federal lobbying office of the state PIRGs since 1989.

Laura Etherton

Health Care Policy Analyst
(503) 231-4181 ext. 305
Laura Etherton is our Health Care Policy Analyst. In her role she supports State PIRG directors and advocates across the country in their work to establish state-level pro-consumer policies to cut costs, improve care, and improve health.

Bryan Stewart

Program Associate
(614) 228-1447
Bryan Stewart is the Ohio PIRG Program Associate.

Priority Action

One in three kids in America is overweight or obese, yet we're giving away billions of tax dollars to subsidize junk food ingredients. Help us eliminate these wasteful subsidies once and for all.

You Can Help

We have a chance to cut billions in junk food subsidies this year. Your support will help us do the research, advocacy and grassroots organizing to convince our elected officials to act.

Consumer Alerts

Join our network and stay up to date on our campaigns, get important consumer updates and take action on critical issues.

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